About Me

My name is Hugh Hughes,
I’m an artist from Wales
and I’m a member of the world.

I wanted to personally welcome every visitor to the site, offer them a cup of tea and have a really good chat so that we can find out more about each other. When I talked to Simon from Hoipolloi about that, he said that sadly it wouldn’t be possible.

At the moment, I’m thinking about how art can make the world a better place. This started last year, when I was on the Isle of Anglesey to make a show with National Theatre Wales called Things I Forgot I Remembered. My Mam slipped on some ice, so I made a phone call about empty grit bins to the local council to ask ‘Can I Help?’, which lead to 147 days behind my desk talking to people about problems across the world.

My work is all about making connections between people, places and sometimes things – I’ve done this in many wonderful places, and have made lots of friends doing so. I continue to share my work with my friends on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud.

A few years ago I recorded lots of stories with my brother and sister, and we made a habit of sharing stories as we made them, some of which were really rough and ready. Then my friend Stef made this fantastic player that gives you a constant stream of story snippets…

And also, I think that another great way for you to get to know me better is for me to share some of what my friends think about me…

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