About Me

My name is Hugh Hughes

I’m an artist from Wales and I’m a member of the world.

If we have met before, welcome back to my website! If we haven’t met before, welcome!

I’m developing a new live show called STORIES FROM…at present. It probably won’t go in front of a crowd until 2017.

You might be interested in what my friend Shôn is up to at the moment. He’s presenting his brand new live solo show, THE DUKE, around the UK and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. find out more

343Head Duke

I sometimes do updates by email. Follow THIS LINK and provide a few details if you’d like to receive them. My friends at Hoipolloi asked me to tell you that you can unsubscribe at any point, but I hope you don’t. You can see what I’ve sent so far here.

If you prefer, you can connect with me on Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.