Hugh Hughes in… Floating on BBC Radio 4

As some of you may know, I have recently been working to adapt my show, Hugh Hughes in… Floating into a radio drama for BBC Radio 4.

Now the date of broadcast has been set and I am finally able to share the exact date – Friday 9 September at 2.15pm on BBC Radio 4 (if you have an older radio like my mum back in Anglesey, you can find BBC R4 on 92 – 95 FM).

I’ve also decided to run a little competition, more details of this can be found lower down in this post!

It’s only just over a couple of weeks away and I’m very excited. It really feels like a very momentous occasion in my life – in the history of me, Hugh Hughes, an emerging artist from Wales (North Wales, Anglesey, Llangefni to be precise).

Me and Sioned were chatting about it at the weekend. I was honoured that Sioned agreed to come and record her performance (like in the stage version of Floating) for the radio. She’s obviously been in a recording studio before with her band and so is really experienced in front of a microphone. For me, it was quite unusual not to be performing Floating in front of an audience. We’ve performed the show live now over 150 times!

Both of us are amazed at the amount of people who might end up listening to Floating on the Radio 4 and hearing us recount when the Isle of Anglesey broke free from the coast of Wales and went on an unexpected journey around the Atlantic Ocean. I was reading some statistics the other day and I saw that on average, there might be over 750,000 people listening. That’s well over 10 times as many people who live on Anglesey. I find that incredible!

So I’m really hoping you’ll join me (via the radio!) for this broadcast of Floating. It’ll be odd knowing we might be sharing a moment together but not meeting up face to face. And please let your friends and family know too. It’ll be great to meet a new set of people too.


As it would be great to meet as many new people as possible, I’ve decided to run a little competition via my mailing list. I’m going to give away 5 signed copies of my film, How I Got Here, on DVD. It’s not available to buy at the moment so I hope you’ll find this a unique prize.

And it’s really simple to enter, just join the mailing list (by adding your email address to the second box in the column on the right and near the top of the page) on or before the 30 Sept 2011 and I’ll draw five random names from the list to receive a DVD.

And a final reminder of the details of the radio broadcast…

Hugh Hughes in… Floating
Friday 9 September at 2.15pm (lasting 45mins)
BBC Radio 4 (92 – 95 FM)

PS. Don’t forget, if you can’t listen to Floating’s initial broadcast, it will also be available on the BBC’s iPlayer service too.

PPS. I have some new performance dates in the calendar, including at London’s Roundhouse. I’m told the studio where we’re performing in has very limited capacity so if you’d like to come along (and it would be lovely to see you) please book nice and early.

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