Floating – production photos

A man called John came to take photos of Floating today. Sioned asked him why he didn’t come to the show to take them. He said he might get in the way.

Sioned said to take photos of the show when we weren’t doing the show was like lying. John said that the camera never lies. Sioned said she wasn’t talking about the camera.

It got quite personal. John asked Sioned if she was joking. Sioned said that she wasn’t but that it was OK if he wanted to laugh. She then told him that that was a joke. We all laughed and the tension dropped.

Here are some of the photos he took:

Hugh Hughes: Floating production photos (search Hugh Hughes on Flickr)

I thought it might be interesting to look back at my early research into floating, now that you’ve seen those photos and you can get an idea of the journey I’ve been on with Hugh Hughes in…Floating. The research can be seen here, or if you get chance you could watch my film as part of The Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes on tour.

There are photos of my other theatre shows, Hugh Hughes in…Story of a Rabbit, on this page, and Hugh Hughes in…360, on this one.

Projects: Floating.

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