Postcard to Hoipolloi from Hugh Hughes and Sioned in Belfast

Dear Hoipolloi

Performing Floating in Belfast was a fantastic experience. Sioned said it was like thinking you were organising a surprise party and then walking into a surprise party that someone had organised for you.

We were surprised how many people stayed behind after the show to talk to us. It was really nice to meet strangers who became friends for a moment.

I can’t believe how many people had no idea where Anglesey was. Sioned said there are thousands of places that we’ve either never heard of or don’t even have a name for.

Condensing my last 13 years of working on this project into a theatre show has given me an enormous appetite to perform the show and the audiences have been so fantastic I can’t wait to be on stage every night of the tour.

Hugh Hughes & Sioned xx

Projects: Floating.

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