Reflecting on our time in Vancouver

Hello! I’m sitting in a sun-drenched coffee shop in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Twm is getting the show into the Metro Theatre where Intrepid Theatre are presenting Hugh Hughes in… Floating. I have a moment to think about the three weeks we had in Vancouver.

Sioned and I were saying that we were really looking forward to being in the city and that our experience of being there surpassed all the excitement we had about arriving. In other words, Vancouver was even better than we thought it might be!

Not only did we enjoy presenting the shows as part of the PuSh Festival at the Arts Club Theatre but we also loved meeting the people who came to see the performances and the friends we made.

Getting out and about was also a real joy – climbing to the First Peak of Mount Seymour in snow shoes; walking through Lynn Valley; cycling the Sea Wall and getting onto Granville Island every day.

I enjoyed both ways of getting on the island – by Aquabus (see my previous post about it here) and by walking over Granville Bridge.

The scenery was breathtaking, the people warm and friendly and the food outstanding. Sioned said that there was no such thing as a bad meal in Vancouver. She said she went looking for a bad meal but couldn’t find one. I asked her why she’d done that and she said she was looking for something to bring her down for a moment. To make her feel sure she wasn’t in one long, extended dream.

Vancouver is definitely a city I’d like to return to. There is still so much more to discover.

I’d better go and help Twm. Let me leave you with a couple of photos from the city. I managed to do quite a bit of photography and filming – I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

All the best, Hugh Hughes

Middle of the Road

Hugh Hughes: Middle of the Road

Man In Car Vancouver

Hugh Hughes: Man in Car (Vancouver)

Projects: Floating.

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