Saying thank you

My landlady is the best.

Today she presented me with a cake in the shape of the Isle of Anglesey. It had green icing on top and a blue filling in the middle. She said it was a thank you for making Floating.

Sioned said that people like to show their gratitude and that it was fantastic when people have an opportunity to do it in such a creative way.

She said it is more common that people make cards to say ‘thank you’. Then she paused and said it was actually almost as common to buy flowers. She said she preferred cards. I asked her if she’d prefer a cake with ‘Thank you Hugh Hughes and Sioned’ written on it. She said she wouldn’t.

She said that cards were best and hoped that the landlady might also make a card once she’d had a bit more time to consider the best way of showing her appreciation.

Projects: Floating.

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