A kind of Esperanto version of religion

This is a Hugh Hughes Roughbook entry inspired by symbols for religious faith found in Bogotá and Singapore:

Roman Catholic statues in Bogota

Hugh Hughes: Roman Catholicism in Bogota

Buddhist statues in Singapore

Hugh Hughes: Bhuddism in Singapore

I was mostly taken by the hand positions.

Sioned devised a simple warm-up based on moving between the two prevalent hand positions repeatedly, slowly adding a simple vowel sound inbetween the two positions. When she was working on the exercise she said it felt like there was depth in the gestures.

I remember her saying, “Hugh, there’s real depth in these gestures”. And then I copied her. You know, joined in by imitating what she was doing. And then I felt it too.

Then Aled said that maybe there needs to be an Inbetween Religion – an amalgamation of all the faiths of the world. A kind of Esperanto version of religion.

Projects: Hugh Hughes Roughbook.

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