An introduction to the Hugh Hughes Roughbook

Happy New Year!

It’s the fifth day of 2010 and I’m “fully” back at work. My brother says calling milk “full” milk is potentially confusing and so he would probably take issue with my statement about being “fully” back at work.

To clarify any possible confusion, I mean that I, Hugh Hughes, am back in my studio after taking a break from it. My break took in Christmas and New Year and a lovely time at home in Anglesey. And a trip to Snowdon. It was not just a trip. It was a treat. A treat of a trip. A tongue-twister of a trip.  Better than going to buy sweets on Saturdays when I was an eight-year old boy (the year I loved sweets the most).

White Skirted Snowdonia

Hugh Hughes: White-skirted Snowdonia

The island looked beautiful, lined by the long white-skirted mountains of Snowdon. The air was so clear and the sky so blue it felt like Aunty Glen had been up polishing all night. Spectacular. I did plenty of walking.

Wanderings in Wales

Hugh Hughes: A sign that says 'Wanderings in Wales'

2010 has been declared between myself and friends as ‘The Year of Opening New Doors’. It was our joint New Year’s resolution. And one door I’d like to open is to my studio and to the rehearsal room. And so today’s sudden fascination in my studio has led to WORDS AND SYMBOLS

Words and Symbols

Hugh Hughes: Words and Symbols

Once you start to get your head around the idea that a letter, therefore a word, is just a symbol, then a whole new communication system, another visual world of pictorial reality opens.

In fact, I am launching a new series called HUGH HUGHES’ ROUGH BOOK. It is a series of blogs, photos, podcasts etc that shares my on-going work-in-progress as part of my wonderful world online. It’s a virtual open studio. It’s rough and ready. I hope you’ll enjoy it and come visit.

Happy New Year!

Projects: Hugh Hughes Roughbook.

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