‘Aquabus’ by Hugh Hughes


Hugh Hughes: The Aquabus in Vancouver

This is the aquabus I go to work in every day
I’m in Vancouver, presenting Floating at the PuSh Festival
I’m having more fun than my ribs can take
The combination of urban architecture, mountains and sea is thrilling
The open conversation with the people flows from one person to the next

There are paintings of rain and mist that make you see the beauty and mystery
In what others call miserable weather
Children want to ride their bike whether its raining outside or not says Clarence
Making his point clear on the way to work
The aquabus provides 100 second conversations that vary in theme
It is possible to re-programme yourself says Ted
As John is convinced his girlfriend will come back to him
When there’s that much love
Bridges don’t just carry you over water
They let you fly with the birds for a moment
As you are touched by the hands that built them

by Hugh Hughes x

BTW, it’s the final few performances of Floating here at the PuSh Festival in Vancouver. We finish on Saturday (5 Feb). Next week we’re over at the Intrepid Theatre in Victoria (on 10 & 11 Feb) and then the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto (from 15 to 19 Feb). Full details over on the right of the screen!

Projects: Floating, Hugh Hughes Roughbook.

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