‘Doctor / Patient’ by Hugh Hughes

This is a Hugh Hughes Roughbook entry that I wrote after a friend told me he was visiting the doctor tomorrow, and I started to think about how doctors work:


I’m finding it hard to breathe

I see

It hurts in my chest and I can’t seem to breathe very deeply

So you’re breathing shallow breaths


Then you don’t need a rubber ring


You’re not in the deep end of the pool

I don’t understand

You are happily playing in the shallow end.

I’m talking about breathing

I’m talking about risk. That’s what I’m talking about. You come to me. I try to help.


Exactly. Are you wearing trunks


You swim in your underpants

No. I swim in trunks

Just not today

I’m not swimming today

Of course not. Not today. But what about tomorrow

I haven’t been swimming for ages

Go for a swim tomorrow. First thing. That’ll make you feel better. Can you send the
next one in please on your way out. Twice daily and don’t exceed the dose

Thank you

No need. It’s my job. I enjoy it. I bloody love it.

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