Hanging Fish And Collisons In Hong Kong

Another entry in the Hugh Hughes Roughbook:

On my way back from the Ten Days on the Island Festival in Tasmania I stopped off in Hong Kong.

I was there for less than 24 hours, but it felt like I was there for a year. It is so full of densely packed life. Aled asked me if I thought it was like condensed milk when I tried to share my impression of Hong Kong with him. Whereas I could see what he meant, I think it might be a bit misleading if the Hong Kong Tourist Board were to use the idea –

“A trip to Hong Kong is as good as Condensed Milk”.

I’d like to share these two photos of hanging fish with you.

Hanging Fish in Hong Kong

Hugh Hughes: Hanging Fish 1

Real Hanging Fish in Hong Kong

Hugh Hughes: Hanging Fish 2

Remarkable how essentially the same thing is so different.

Another image I’d like to share with you is this:

A collision of images and ideas in Hong Kong

Hugh Hughes: Collisions in Hong Kong

Something about it leaves me speechless. When I was standing in front of this image I was forced to stop and look at it. It was one of those moments when the mind has almost too many simultaneous reactions to the same thing. It felt like worlds were colliding; it felt like beauty and poverty rested side by side. Everything is both right and wrong.

If anyone would like to share their reactions to this image I’d be fascinated to hear your response. And do keep checking back for more entries in the Hugh Hughes Roughbook.

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