Helsinki Art Person

I found this piece of art in Helsinki outstanding. 

Helsinki Person Art

Hugh Hughes: Helsinki Art Person

The lone figure intrigued me. As I waited for my tram I kept looking at her. I’d turn back to check the tram map, then I’d turn to look at her again. She did not get any closer.

I was convinced she was walking towards me. Towards where I was standing at the tram platform. But no. She was never advancing.

When I got on the tram and started moving towards her I was worried she was too close to the tracks. And then we swept passed her. The tram lightly swishing against her arm.

People smiled as I looked shocked and pushed myself to the window. “It gets everybody”, the old man said to me, grinning. “A kind of statue”, he said proudly. “For nothing”.

Projects: Hugh Hughes Roughbook.

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