‘I spent my childhood’ by Hugh Hughes

I spent my childhood
Every last penny of it
I have nothing left to spend

When I look back on it
I’m glad I spent it all
There’s not much you can get
From a saved childhood
If I’d put some of my childhood in a savings account
And looked at it now
I’m sure I’d think about what I missed out on buying at the time

Your childhood is better off spending while you’ve got it
It’s really not something you should save
I’m not saying spend it all at once
But I am saying spend it all before its over
A bit like spending your francs in France
Because exchanging them in England severely depreciates their value
The exchange rate gets you every time
And anyway
There’s no place you can go to exchange your childhood for any other currency. Your childhood is your childhood.

When my uncle gave me money to spend at the fair
I’d spend every penny on the rides
I wouldn’t come home with money in my pocket
Because the money was for spending at the fair
It was Fair Money
Not Pocket Money
My father gave us Pocket Money
And that was for spending as we chose
And even that money was given to spend
Maybe not right away
But eventually
Like for example on holiday in France

And now, when I look back at my childhood, I spend it all again
All that time and all those places are there to be re-spent
And so, in a way, the more you spend in childhood the more you get to re-spend later. So spending everything in childhood works out well
Spending everything means everything gets spent all over again

So, spend your childhood
Spend spend spend

by Hugh Hughes x

Projects: Hugh Hughes Roughbook.

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