Real Public Art?

This Hugh Hughes Roughbook entry was inspired by two examples of public art made in Cambridge and Bogota.

Hugh Hughes: A TV set in Cambridge with 'Opera' written on it

Hugh Hughes: Cambridge Opera

Doll Art from Bogota

Hugh Hughes: Doll Art, Bogota

Sioned and I enjoyed debating the power of graffiti and discussing the idea of legalising and commissioning graffiti on London’s South Bank.

I know that the two examples here are not examples of graffiti per se, but, in a sense, they are 3-D versions of graffiti.

The art has been placed in a part of the city the artist has single-mindedly decided to place it. It leaves me with an exciting sense of an artist’s need to communicate and connect with the outside world that absolutely must have an outlet – like a volcano erupting – the art has to come out and will find a place.

There are more Hugh Hughes Roughbook entires to follow…

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