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Once a show has opened, it’s always good to get some photos of the action on stage. Normally, Simon from Hoipolloi organises for a photographer to come and visit us one afternoon a few hours before the show starts and we pretend that we’re actually performing for an audience.

These photos from 360 are a little different. If you want to compare them to the ones on my flickr, search for Hugh Hughes on that site. Jaimie Gramston, who took them, came to an actual performance of 360 during my time at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2007. He sat on the front row, snapping away as quietly as he could!

Hugh Hughes: 360 Production photos (search 'Hugh Hughes' on flickr)

There are photos of my other theatre shows, Hugh Hughes in…Floating, on this page, and Hugh Hughes in…Story of a Rabbit, on this one.

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