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A guest blog from Simon Bedford, Hoipolloi’s Executive Producer:

Dear Hugh Hughes fan, can you help us?

We’re looking for 12 people for an exciting opportunity to help us shape and test a new Hugh Hughes project called Stories from an Invisible Town. We want to recruit 6 of these people from social media and our mailing lists, as well as finding 6 people who are less aware of Hoipolloi and the work we make.

Who do we want?
We’re looking for 3 people aged 16-30 and 3 people aged 50+, any gender, but you must have seen at least one of Hugh Hughes’ shows, and live in or near Cambridge.

We will then ask each of the people selected to ask one other friend of a similar age, who doesn’t know Hoipolloi’s work, to also come along. This way we’re working with potential, as well as current, audience members.

You will also require access to a broadband internet connection and computer.

What will it involve?
Stories from an Invisible Town is going to be an exciting new experiment in expanding the theatrical world of Hugh Hughes online. It will be an entirely interactive way of exploring hundreds of stories from Hugh Hughes.

Volunteers at this stage will act as both focus group and testers; we want to collaborate with you on how it might work, and then invite you to test it before it is released to the public.

We don’t imagine that this will involve more than 3 group meetings, as well as limited ongoing communication and feedback. This will be equivalent to no more than a total of 5 days total over half a year.

Why do we want to work with you?
Because this project relies so much on interaction with our audiences, we wanted to develop it from the very outset with those audiences. This is a thrilling opportunity for you to shape what we hope will be a ground-breaking approach to storytelling and audience involvement in the theatre sector.

What will you get in return?
Aside from the opportunity to get unrivalled sneak previews at work not yet released to the wider public, we will be reimbursing all travel costs, offering free tickets to Hugh Hughes’ next show, and providing food and refreshments at all group meetings. Also, our gratitude!

How do I get involved?
To register your interest, please email me, Simon Bedford, at It would be great to know what work of Hugh’s you’ve seen already, your address and a contact telephone number.

Projects: Stories from an Invisible Town.

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