Have you ever visited Anglesey?

As I’ve travelled around the world performing all three shows, I’ve met people from Anglesey, people who’ve visited Anglesey and lots of people that either have never been or never even heard of the island on which I was born on August 22, 1968, and named Hugh Hughes.

Sioned says that’s not surprising as there are lots of places in the world that we’ve never heard of.

The town of Llangefni, on the isle of Anglesey, is where I was born and grew up so it’s been very important to me and to my work as an emerging Welsh artist. It’s also where my father lived, died and was buried, so it has a special significance for me in that way as well. I talk about my father’s death and Llangefni in my show Hugh Hughes in…Story of a Rabbit.

I thought I’d share this little video with you. It explains a little more about the relationship between me, Hugh Hughes, and my home, Anglesey (Llangefni, to be precise), and why it’s so important to who I am…

Projects: Bonus items, Stories from an Invisible Town.

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  1. Jason says:

    I know where you are coming from; I went to Anglesey for the first time in May and had a BBQ on the beach at Newborough. The light of the sunset in the grasses on the dunes, and the ripples in the sand at low tide were beautiful. I loved the place so much I went back on my own for another visit in July!

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