#Swim2Oz – 11,000 Nautical Miles

@hughhughes: Day 87: thanking the people of 1869 for the work put into the Suez Canal. Swimming past the Sinai Peninsula in great heat

@hughhughes: Day 84: still roaming the seas around the town of Suez waiting to enter the canal. Extraordinary Lessepsian migration occurring

@hughhughes: Day 83: Heading into the Great Bitter Lake where 14,freighters anchored for almost 8 years back in 1967.

@hughhughes: Day 83: Memories of Yellow Fleet float in The Great Bitter Lake. Phytoplankton bloom looking strong. Hypersalinity effecting skin

@hughhughes: Day 82: moving into Little Bitter Lake where the Tracked Amphibian Neptunes resided in 1947.

@hughhughes: Day 81: passing port town of Suez. Almost 500,000 people. Air temp hitting 36 degrees. Now 29.58N, 32.33E. Feeling good. Golden.

@hughhughes: written references to swimming date back to 2000 BC. One of the earliest references is Gilgamesh.

@hughhughes: Day 77: now in the Red Sea. The worlds northernmost tropical sea with over 1,000 invertebrate species and 200 soft and hard corals.

@hughhughes: Day 76: There is a Black Sea, a White Sea and A Yellow Sea, but Today I’m in the Red Sea following a cardinal direction.

@hughhughes: Day 75: there is very little sign of coral bleaching here in the Red Sea. Water surface temperature hitting 30 degrees today.

@hughhughes: Day 74: the Red Sea is a good example of a new arm of sea. Funny to think that I will be here while Floating plays on Radio 4

@hughhughes: Day 73: the twostripe cardinal and the giant seacatfish have passed by today. They were gossiping about the fringelip rockskipper.

@hughhughes: Day 72: Ottoman remnants, Arabian Gazelle and marine fauna are in on display as I slide past the Farasan Islands

@hughhughes: Day 69: In the Gate of Grief. The dangers attending it’s navigation are legendary. The Horn of Africa is magnificent.

@hughhughes: Day 69: swimming past the volcanic island of Perim. Got to decide which side of the island to go. Can measure decision in strokes

@hughhughes: Day 65: just arriving at the edge of Socotra having swam most of the Gulf of Aden underwater.

@hughhughes: Day 65: extraordinary amount of fish, turtle and lobster encountered over the last few days. Friendly and open creatures.

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