#Swim2Oz – I started on 14 August

@hughhughes: Day 99. The journey begins. Thanks to Arwel and Aled’s invention I will swim to Australia and arrive on 21 Nov.

@hughhughes: Day 98: Last night’s swim along the west coast of Wales was glorious. Its great to be on this journey. Mackerel galore!

@hughhughes: Day 97: the rain makes little difference to me swimming in the sea. Rain hitting the waves is beautiful.

@hughhughes: Glad to discover that the limits of the sea are specified by the International Hydrographic Organisation.

@hughhughes: The wonderful Cuvier’s beaked whale has just been along my side talking fondly about the fine people of Gijon

@hughhughes: Day 96: just spotted a Bonelli Eagle approaching Cape St Vincent where some Nelson based controversy lies.

@hughhughes: Day 96: sighted a rock pigeon followed by a hippoboscid fly, a typical blood sucking ectoparasite of pigeons.

@hughhughes: Day 96: swimming over the submarine chimneys on the Cape of Cadiz and the mud volcanos which are seeping some methane

@hughhughes: Day 95: A Striped Dolphin in the Bay of Gibraltar swam by with marvellous pink underside and 2 black bands circling it’s eye

@hughhughes: Day 95: Port of Malaga is hectic. Almost 700,000 passengers pass here annually. Wave-back rate excellent. 31 in 33.

@hughhughes: Day 95: coincidence-Tangiers population is 700,000 which is same number of passengers passing through Port of Malaga annually

@hughhughes: Day 88: the usual temperature of the Mediterranean Sea at this time of year ranges between 22 and 27 degrees C. It hit over 30

@hughhughes: Day 88: I am joined by sunfish here in the Libyan Sea. There is a big bass sound underwater made by the Purple Bass Band.

@hughhughes: Day 88: visited the Calypso Deep. Down 5,267 feet. Saw the Creation of the Hellenic Trench.

@hughhughes: Day 88: witnessed how evaporation exceeds precipitation here and the effect of increasing salinity as I voyage eastwards.

I’m swimming to Australia to arrive in time to perform Story of a Rabbit at Sydney Opera House from 29 November. I really hope you might be able to join me there.

Projects: #Swim2Oz.

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