#Swim2Oz – From Beached Whales to Sydney Opera House

@hughhughes: Day 34: very excited to be approaching equator, having Sumatra to my left full of burgeoning rainforest. Less than 5 weeks to go

@hughhughes: Day 33: swimming past the Batu Islands and about to do a first… Swim across the equator! 0 degrees and heading south…

@hughhughes: Day 32: starting to feel the equatorial currents changing. Arwel suggests yielding to strong flow situations. Sioned agrees.

@hughhughes: Day 30: swimming past the Mentawai Islands I saw a Malayan Sun Bear. It waved at me as I lifted my hand to say hello.

@hughhughes: Day 21: change of plans. Radical thinking. Going east rather than south. Heading ov the north of Australia rather than past Perth!

@hughhughes: Day 19: I can just about hear the people of the 10th biggest city cheering me on from the left, Jakarta looks massive!

@hughughes: Day 18: The dugong on the coast of Yogyakarta look like they are hoovering up seagrass. Amazing. Perhaps I’ll join them for breaky.

@hughhughes: Day 17: Apparently Bali is estimated to run out of water in 2015 so I’ve decided to do my ‘bit’ and splash them as I go past today

@hughhughes: Day 16: Sticking out from the land of Sumba are the peaks of the sumbanese’s huts. They are very different to my house at home!

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