#Swim2Oz – who is Hugh Hughes?

@hughhughes: Day 63: now in the Arabian Sea. Visiting the submarine Carlsberg ridge. Probably the best…sea boundary in the world.

@hughhughes: Day 62: the flow pattern consists of several eddies and meanders here in the Arabian Sea. Some say Bin Laden was buried here.

@hughhughes: Day 60: hoping not to be visited by Gonu. That cyclone is way too strong for me. Shoulders bigger than ever.

@hughhughes: Day 59: heading towards the Laccadive Sea and the Maldives. Skin adapting to water. Lungs expanding. Thought processes changing.

@hughhughes: Day 57: the Owen Fracture Zone is letting in water down on the basin around here. Maldives in my sight.

@hughhughes: Day 55: approaching the Maldives. The lowest country in the world. Anglesey is a low-lying island but these islands get on down.

@hughhughes: Day 46: been out of radar for a few days. Decided to alter my route. Heading towards Gulf of Mannar between India and Sri Lanka.

@hughhughes: Day 46: Enjoying the sea cucumbers as I drift towards Adam’s Bridge. The hard coral species are magnificent as are the dolphins.

@hughhughes: Day 45: swimming along the Palk Strait towards the Bay of Bengal. Sea turtles carrying me part of the way.

@hughhughes: Day 35: Aceh, on the northern tip of Sumatra is now in sight. It has been a long last week. Longer than other weeks.

@hughhughes: Day 35: small animals embedded in calcium carbonate shells are looking sparkly and inviting as the coral starts to emerge.

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