Nain's description of the imagination – From Things I Forgot I Remembered.

In June 2013, Hugh Hughes returned to the island where he spent his entire childhood to make his fifth show.

The project became an epic collision of Hugh’s memories of the island and the reality of being there – it was a truly creative time. Over six months, Hugh made:
A storywalk around the town of Llangefni:
A website, with an alternative storywalk for people anywhere:
A film called My Uncle Gafyn (coming soon) about a childhood story given a new meaning in adulthood
A film called Can I Help?, documenting 147 days of Hugh’s life on Anglesey
A live show called Things I Forgot I Remembered
A live musical and storytelling gig in the Dingle Woods

Hugh’s new mission is to be a member of the world, and make sure that we never think that what we can do is too little. Join him to start making the world a better place:

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