Back on the road…

From this Wednesday (8 September) until Saturday 2 October I, Hugh Hughes, will be at The Pit in the Barbican in London presenting my work under the title, The Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes.

The work includes the three theatre shows I have created to date – Floating, Story of A Rabbit and 360 – as well as my first ever film, How I Got Here (How Did I Get Here?) and an open rehearsal called Stories from an Invisible Town.

I am absolutely thrilled that Louise Jeffreys at the Barbican invited me to do this. It is a real treat.

We are all really looking forward to the opportunity. Sioned says she literally can’t wait, although Aled says she literally has to. Dafydd, Aled’s brother, is beside himself with anticipation. He’ll be playing Aled’s music in Story of A Rabbit. Twm, who is doing all the lighting and sound, is hectic fitting up the studio with all three shows. He says he’s never hung so many lights – he says there are more lights in the rig than on Llangefni’s Christmas Tree.

My sister Delyth and brother Derwyn are coming down from Anglesey with my mother. My mother has already decided that she will prepare sandwiches for the early morning train journey but looks forward to eating in a restaurant in the evening. Delyth says she’ll take care of the flask. Derwyn says he might go for a walk along the river rather than sit in the audience. Although he always laughs while he says it. He keeps saying he’s bringing his fishing rod and has a permit for the Thames.

And after our time in London, we’ve also been invited to take The Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes up to the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh and the Dublin Theatre Festival.

If you are able to come along, it’d be really good to see you. Sometimes there’s a certain feeling isn’t there, like before a party. Well, we have that feeling…

Projects: 360, Floating, Stories from an Invisible Town, Story of a Rabbit, Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes.

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