A welcome to the Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes

I hope this website allows us to get to know each other better. I’m excited to share My Journey So Far with you. That journey has included my three theatre shows, Floating, Story of a Rabbit and 360, as well as a film and my plans for Stories from an Invisible Town

I hope the website will give me, Hugh Hughes, the opportunity to share more of my Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes with you and perhaps give you the possibility of sharing your journeys with me.

I really enjoy sharing stories and ideas and hope that this website will allow more of this to happen. I’m also looking forward to discovering new ways of communicating, beyond sharing work with you in a theatre. Perhaps through photographs, perhaps through words, perhaps through video or audio, perhaps through drawings, or perhaps through a combination. I’m excited about the idea of trying to find other ways of expressing myself and seeing how creative this online digital world can become.

But, most of all, I’m looking forward to making new friends.

I hope you find this website fun and informative and a good place to share. It would be wonderful if it became a place where we could wonder, imagine and smile together as we find other ways of looking at this world.

This website is also a place where I will share my ongoing work process as an emerging artist through the Hugh Hughes Roughbook – my virtual open studio. I hope that by sharing my process it will help develop my ideas. If you’re interested, drop in and let me know what you think…

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