Come and find the treasure I have buried…

An enormous thank you to everyone who has made it along to our performances of The Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes so far at the Barbican Centre. It was a really busy week but Sioned, Daffyd, Twm and I had a lot of fun and are looking forward to really settling in to the next few weeks.

With the help of the Barbican Centre, I’ve decided to run a little competition to celebrate bringing all the shows together into this mini-residency. On offer is one free pair of tickets for the full trilogy next Saturday, 18 September.

There’s a bit of detective work to do to win them, so I hope you’re ready to remember what it was like to do treasure hunts!

Basically, I’ve hidden the tickets somewhere in the Barbican Centre itself. But don’t worry, you won’t have to search every little nook and cranny. Over the next three days, I’ll be giving a clue a day, each one progressively a little more obvious about the location, to help direct you to find them (unless of course someone manages to find them before the three days are up!).

The first person who does find the tickets gets to enjoy Floating, Story of a Rabbit, 360 and my new film, How I Got Here, for free with one friend.

Clue Number One

Me and Sioned were chatting the other day about the weather. Sioned reckons you can definitely tell that the seasons are changing and even though being stuck down in the Pit at the Barbican means you don’t see a lot of sunlight, she’s also noticed that the days are definitely getting shorter now. I asked Sioned what her favourite season was. She said it had to be winter. The cold crisp air and if you’re lucky, maybe even a bit of snow.

Sioned really loves building snowmen…

Urban Snowman

Hugh Hughes: Snowman, by Sioned

Clue Number Two

Aled and Dafydd had a break during rehearsals last week and wanted to listen to some music to keep them entertained. As they wondered through the Barbican Centre they noticed it had its very own shop selling all kinds of CDs.

Clue Number Three

I was talking the other day to my mother about other people from Anglesey who have performed at the Barbican. She thought that Aled Jones, the singer, must have performed there at some point in his career. So that’s definitely two of us.

And just before I send you on your way to go hunting, the Barbican have asked me to remind you that the following rules apply:

The prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable and are subject to availability. There are no cash alternatives.

So, now that’s all the clues done, I wish you good luck! I’ll let you know as soon as I can if someone has claimed the prize.

UPDATE: Someone has now won the competition. Of course, the tickets were hidden inside an Aled Jones CD that was stacked amongst the shelves in MUSE, the Barbican’s shop. Me and Sioned, Daffyd and Twm congratulate Jade for winning!

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One Response to Come and find the treasure I have buried…

  1. Jade Blue says:

    Hello Hugh Hughes

    I know where the prize is!! (It’s in the Aled Jones CD) but I’m in Brighton so I can’t go find it… can I still winos I’d love to see your show (saw Story of a Rabbit in Edinburgh in 2007 and it made me very happy in a slightly sad way) but I’m just a poor actor… so if i can win from a distance, that’d be super 🙂

    From Jade

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