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Hello everyone.

I just wanted to share some very exciting news with you, and to thank all those of you who nominated me for a Award recently.

Earlier today announced the shortlist for their awards. When I saw that Hugh Hughes was on the shortlist for Best Solo Performance I thought “Who is this Hugh Hughes? He sounds an interesting chap”

Then I remembered that it’s me! So thank you to all of the people who nominated me, I really am honoured.

There are some famous names on the shortlist with me including Michael Gambon and Simon Callow and some performers I’ve heard are very good, so it’s going to be a very interesting competition to see who wins the award.

The WhatsOnStage Awards are voted for by the public, so it’s you who decides the winner. Sioned says it means you have to be really good to win, because you have to reach a lot of people with your show. I asked if she thought I was good enough win, but she didn’t answer. Sometimes she teases me like that.

If you nominated me for the award, why not pop over to the website now and vote for me again? And if you didn’t nominate me, don’t worry, I don’t mind…but why not go and vote for me now to make up for it?

You can vote for me (and get your friends to vote for me) here:

Sioned thought I should mention that there are quite a few categories – mine is Best Solo Performance – and you’ll need to scroll down to the ninth award on the list.

Once again, thank you.
Hugh x

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