Hugh Hughes… a transcript of #HughQs (breakfast)


We spent this morning talking on twitter. Twitter talking. I spent my breakfast answering questions for #HughQs. It was a great way to start the day.

Here’s a summary of what happened. Not like in a law court. Those summaries are very intensive. This is less intense…

@hughhughes: Questions for Breakfast is a great way to start the day. Beats grapefruit. Sioned says she will eat more this morning than mere words.

@hughhughes: David Dimbleby phoned to ask if I had questions for next weeks Question Time. I told him I was answering them today.

@hughhughes: Seven cows gathered eat faster than five cows gathered. New survey from Malltreath.

@helloHoipolloi: And as it’s breakfast time, here’s our sustenance. What are you having for breakfast?

@hughhughes: Small mouse found in car having eaten the steering wheel.

@hughhughes: Eighteen children found frozen on the edge of outdoor swimming pool. Teacher says they refused to jump.

@hughhughes: French eat less croissant than the Dutch. Officials say flakes of croissant can be found on lips of many Dutch families.

@Laurenemilys: if you were a cake what type of cake would you be and why?

@hughhughes: If I was a cake I would be doughnut because I could walk myself as sugar around the ring.

@thejunctioncamb: You have been called ‘an adopted son of Cambridge’ would you now call cambridge your home?

@hughhughes: Seeing Cambridge as Home is more about the people meaning that I could go on holiday with friends from Cambridge to be home.

@TRPlymouth: Hugh! We can’t wait to see you next week! What did you make of your recent trip to Canada?

@hughhughes: (Our) Recent trip was spectacular. From Seymour it was all about The Moose. I dreamt more in Canada than I have dreamt anywhere.

@hellohoipolloi: As first few questions come in for @hughhughes (including one about cake), I’m going in for a pan au chocolate. Hmmm…

@TRPlymouth: Friday is our standard practice cake & bun day. We’re plumping for chelsea & Belgian buns this week 🙂

@jakeyoh: What one piece of advice would you give someone at the start of their career?

@hughhughes: Start your career without a map. Do everything. Do not not do anything that you want. Talk a lot about your projects.

@helenjunction: Is there anything you really miss about Llangefni?

@hughhughes: I miss climbing out of my bedroom window and sitting on the garage roof counting the pigeon formations.

@thejunctioncamb: Can’t wait to see you here in 3 weeks! Breakfast question… eggs – scrambled or fried?

@hughhughes: In Canada I had easy over. In The Templetons on Granville Street. They were great.

@MrEddieB: Hello Hugh! Which of your stories do you enjoy sharing with people the most?

@hughhughes: I really enjoy them all and each audience is so different that a lot of the pleasure comes from their response.

@hellohoipolloi: As it’s breakfast, quite a lot of food related q’s coming in – we’ve talked about cake, eggs, doughnuts and pan au chocalte already.

@jhshelton: Hi Hugh. How will you be involving the audience in your new show, Stories from an Invisible Town?

@hughhughes: In Stories From (An Invisible Town) I will be developing the show with audiences and so their response and input will help me shape the show.

@Johnny_acecraft: Is everything gonna turn out all right, do you think?

@hughhughes: Everything is going to turn out brilliantly. Hold on and jump at the same time my brother would say.

A question came in from Facebook ( – if you were a bird, what kind of bird?

@hughhughes: Vancouver was full of Bald Eagles. I sometimes dreamt of eating fish and chips with them. They had a lot to say. Not a canary.

@mononick: Hugh. How does the man who drives the snow plough get to work in the morning?

@hughhughes: Snow Plough man has shiny trousers that allow him to ride the snow and ice on his backside. These trousers are home made.

@jhshelton: How did making your film How I Got Here compare to doing a live show? What did you enjoy most about it?

@hughhughes: Making the film was a lot of fun because I worked with so many people and I got to spend a lot of time on Anglesey.

@helenjunction: 3rd coffee of the day has made me a bit jumpy. What scares you hugh?

@hughhughes: I find those corners that don’t turn round corners challenging. There is fear in this moment when the wall is closer than you think…

@hughhughes: I will be answering questions this pm from 1.30 and sharing videos. Hope to see you then. I’m off for a haircut…

(You can read more transcripts of Hugh Hughes in…#HughQs from my lunch and dinner sessions)

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