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(You can find transcripts of Hugh Hughes in…#HughQs from breakfast and lunch by clicking on the words ‘breakfast’ or ‘lunch’)

@hughhughes: Looking forward to getting started on another questions session #HughQs Come join us if you can

@jakeyoh: Feel a little odd. I’ve had breakfast, lunch and now dinner with @HughHughes and his #HughQs

@hughhughes: Floating is all about that unique feeling that home can give. Every home smells different says Aled. Maybe its the animal in us.

@MrEddieB: Hugh, I’m a grown up (they say) & still climb trees in order to revert back to childhood – do you do anything similar?

@hughhughes: Throwing skimmers, eating ice lollies, going on Ghost Trains are some things I do. I also take my hands off my handlebars.

@kiorahart: Hey Hugh, what is your earliest memory?

@hughhughes: A milk crate falling on my head while I trap my finger in the car door.

@TRPlymouth: which of your friends will you be bringing with you to Plymouth next week?

@hughhughes: I will be bringing Sioned, Twm and Dafydd with me to Plymouth. Aled is still at home with his little baby boy.

@TRPlymouth: We will miss Gareth!

@hughhughes: if you’re missing Gareth, try this video…

@littlelsack: Why are these things hurtful for the eyes: garlic, onions, leeks, cold air, fire, dust?

@hughhughes: Our eyes are sensitive. They will suffer some pain in some circumstances. Protection is available.

@thejunctioncamb: Tea or dinner? what term do you use?

@hughhughes: I am actually a supper person. Tea is at 4. Dinner is lunch. Dinner money was for that.

@TRPlymouth: Hugh, when was the last time you climbed a mountain?

@hughhughes: I climbed Mount Seymour in Vancouver at the end of January. It was only to the First Peak but higher than Snowdon. I have videos.

@thejunctioncamb: Will you making a personal appearance at the screening of your film How I Got Here at @Campicturehouse?

@hughhughes: I will be there at the Arts Picturehouse on Sunday 27th for the screening of HOW I GOT HERE. I look forward to meeting the audience.

@NLTheatre: Who are your favourite Welsh people?

@hughhughes: Obviously I’m a fan of my mother. She has enough energy to run a steam engine up Snowdon. Tom Jones & Shirley Bassey are remarkable.

Hugh Hughes: Julie Griffiths is also an inspirational Welsh woman

@laurenemilys: If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?

@hughhughes: The advice I’d give my younger self is something John Cage has inspired me to think about – the idea that everything is beautiful.

@TRPlymouth: You mentioned you’d be filming next week in Plymouth, what sort of things/people/places are you looking to see?

@hughhughes: I really like filming everyday ‘events’ on the streets. I will also ask people to talk to me about particular subjects.

@hughhughes: I recently spent a lot of time taking photos on the streets and on public transport in Vancouver and Toronto. Questions on Reality

@catfishetc: What do they think of you in France #HughQs ? Est-ce-qu’ils savent comment flotter?

@hughhughes: I have some good friends in France. We eat together a lot. Their thoughts are very clever. Too clever they say to translate.

@hughhughes: Translation is difficult. My French friends say nothing we say in English is like they say in French. Pizza is an exception

@helenjunction: What would you recommend doing tomorrow?

@hughhughes: One thing you could do tomorrow is to think about what you did this week and work out what the most repeated thing you did was.

@hughhughes: Don’t do tomorrow what you could do today unless it’s something you can’t do today because it’s too late in the day now.

@Grenvillepenn: What do you think the most repeated thing you’ve done this week is @hughhughes

@hughhughes: The most repeated thing I’ve done this week is pressing the index finger of my right hand onto this keyboard. I type with one finger.

@FDperformers: Have you enjoyed your virtual questions? (well, they are REAL questions of course…)

@hughhughes: I’ve really enjoyed receiving and answering questions. I recommend it as part of a diet. A fun way of eating less.

@hughhughes: Other Welsh people I like a lot are Sioned, Twm, Aled, Dafydd, Gethin, Gareth , Aunty Glen.

@sazalish: I’ve loved reading your thoughts today…..would you like to live in my pocket?

@hughhughes: I could try to lie in your pocket and see how it works out. I tried living under a tree on a beach when I was seven.

@Grenvillepenn: #HughQs was the perfect seasoning for all of my meals today. I feel ready for a relaxing Friday evening. Thanks a lot.

@hughhughes: Thank you to @TRPlymouth & @theJunctionCamb for all your help. I’ll be in both those cities in next 2 weeks with my Wonderful World.

@hughhughes: Thanks to everyone for your questions today. I look forward to doing it again soon. Have a good weekend.

@hughhughes: Audioboo: Hugh Hughes (that’s me) summing up #HughQs #HughHughes #WonderfulWorld #theatre #comedy #360

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