Hugh Hughes… a transcript of #HughQs (lunch)


(You can read a transcript of the breakfast session of Hugh Hughes in…#HughQs here)

@hughhughes: Hello. I’m back to answer any questions and enjoy my lunch with you.

@Jhshelton: What do you love best about Wales?

@hughhughes: What I love best is the wind off the Irish Sea and the language.

@TRPlymouth: if you could pull anything out of a hat Hugh, what would it be?

@hughhughes: From a hat I would most like to pull a salmon pink cloud that had the power to transport us wherever we wanted to go.

@hughhughes: On that cloud I would go through the Alps.

@helloHoipolloi: Couple more Qs from Facebook. One asking when you’re next in Ireland (from Christine Browne) and the other when you might be in Milton Keynes (from Tony Ffitch).

@hughhughes: There are no fixed plans to return to Milton Keynes or Ireland. This means that I will probably be in both places soon.

@chrisgrady: 1 supporter @theatreroyalbse is going walk around Anglesey to raise money for our educ prog – any tips?

@hughhughes: Go round anti-clockwise and keep looking to the right. Wear good socks.

@hughhughes: Walking round Anglesey could be longer than you think. There is a huge dispute about the length of it’s circumference.

@hughhughes: Anglesey’s coastline has an elasticity that changes its size.

@littelsack: Whence arises all that order and beauty which we see in the world?

@hughhughes: Fascinating to put order and beauty together like this. Admit I am confused by use of whence. Could you clarify?

@jakeyoh: What do you make @HughHughes of natural disasters. Are they poetic or frightening reminders of how fragile the world is?

@hughhughes: Poetry can tap into fragility. Natural disasters are natural disasters. Sometimes a fact is simply a fact. Words don’t always work.

@hesaidtalent: I am lovin #HughQs.

@TRPlymouth: was your recent haircut a success, Hugh?!

@hughhughes: Here’s my new haircut.

Hugh Hughes - my haircut (11 March 2011)

What do you think?

@TRPlymouth: a resounding success 🙂

@grenvillepenn: Hi @hughhughes, please could you tell us what makes you most excited about making new work?

@hughhughes: Making new work is time to find out what’s going on. It gives time for things to rise to surface. It’s like a good swim in new water.

@onescoop: who came up with the #HughQs pun? As it is MARVELLOUS.

@hughhughes: That is the work of the wonderous @scbedford. He works at Hoipolloi who are producing my work and made me their resident artist.

@jorgelizalde: How many man apart of you have came out from anglesey?

@hughhughes: There is a trend of young people leaving the island at a rate of 500 per year. I have a friend in Norway who comes from a village.

@jorgelizalde: How many man apart of you have came out from anglesey swimming?

@hughhughes: Recent figures suggest that 3 men per month on average since 2007 have swam off the island onto the Lleyn peninsula.

@jorgelizalde: Did you remember your timing? you might be holding a guinness record!

@hughhughes: Timing is sometimes based on memory. Sometimes it is not. When it is not, it arrives unannounced. Like Arwel.

@crudden: What style of swimming did you and they do – free, breast, back, butterfly? Or do you have your own special style?

@hughhughes: I swam breast stroke off the island. I devised my own training methods however. It resembled planting huge bulbs in the earth.

@hellohoipolloi: Twm has arrived in the office during #HughQs. He’s looking for some tippex although he promises it’s not to correct a mistake on his laptop.

@hannahnicklin Do you ever feel lonely making your work? Is that a reason you usually have a co-conspirator?

@hughhughes: I can become isolated in my studio. Sioned says I go into quarantine. Aled says that sounds like a fruit.

@hughhughes: Working alone is very different from working with others. I look forward to taking my work to others after I’ve been alone with it.

@jorgelizalde: Do you have a project developed that will never be shared?

@hughhughes: Some projects feel very intimate. It is interesting to look for ways of sharing them. Sometimes things have to wait…

@grenvillepenn: What do you look forward to the most in life?

@hughhughes: I most look forward to that party. The one we’re all going to have. I’ve been to some like the one.

@thejunctioncamb: Was Story of a Rabbit based on a true story?

@hughhughes: Story of A Rabbit is based on my experience of the death of my father which is a true story, fact, moment, event.

@jakeyoh: What have you learnt from your time using Twitter?

@hughhughes: Twitter has taught me more about the simplicity of communication. It has taught me to remeasure the world.

@hellohoipolloi: Just found a great clip from @hughhughes’ archive. Very lunch appropriate! Will see if Hugh remembers what happened that day…

@hughhughes: Pushing a business forward can result in a variety of activity

@grenvillepenn: That’s the best lunch I’ve had in ages, shared with @hughhughes and twitter. Thank you everyone at #HughQs

@hughhughes: Thank you for joining me for lunchtime questions. I look forward to joining you at 5.30 for a teatime #HughQs session.

(The transcript of the final Hugh Hughes in…#HughQs session is here)

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