My journey onwards (and my journey so far)

I didn’t want you to miss anything that I’ve posted here on my new Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes website and so I thought it would be useful to explain a little more about how I hope things will work.

I’ll of course be posting here as regularly as I can with the latest stories from my Wonderful World.

But I also wanted to share with you My Journey So Far. That is my journey as Hugh Hughes, the emerging artist from Wales.

I’ve spent the last few months searching through my diaries, scrapbooks, photo albums, old film footage and anything else that I’ve used to keep track of what I’ve been up to. And I’ve started the process of sharing these notes with you here in the Hugh Hughes Roughbook.

To begin with, you’ll find entries about how I created my very first theatre show Floating and the very first tour that me and Sioned went on with the show in 2005. Sioned says it’s a little bit like discovering a time machine but not quite knowing exactly how to use it.

You can also find entries about my second ever theatre show, Story of a Rabbit, and the tours I’ve been on with Aled, and later with his brother Dafydd.

But please keep coming back because over the next few months, I hope we’ll be able to use the time machine to visit other years together too.

Projects: 360, Floating, Story of a Rabbit, Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes.

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