One week to go in London

Birds fly. We all know that. We can see them do it. When time flies we don’t see it in the same way. Looking back on a period when time has flown makes things look like they are going fast-forward or all in a blur. The movement of time affects our vision. The time in our minds dances.

And this is how it’s been since September started. One long dance with time. So much has happened. And there’s still so much lined up for the next three weeks. The dancing continues.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has come along to the Barbican Centre to see what we’re up to with The Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes. It’s been great fun sharing Floating, Story of a Rabbit and 360 all over again and opening up our making process for Stories from an Invisible Town and screening our first-ever film, Hugh Hughes: How I Got Here.

We will be in London for another week at the Barbican (that’s until Oct 2nd) then are off to the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh and Dublin Theatre Festival. What a treat!

To go to these fantastic capital cities. Sioned says that she’s never gone from one capital city to another in such quick succession ever before in her life and has declared it The Capital Period of her life. Its been amazing to see her with little Mari who was one year’s old on Sept 21st. To think that Sioned was pregnant in Hobart, Tasmania in March 2009 and now she has her little girl with her in London, September 2010. Now that’s a vision of time.

Derwyn has been to see us. He spent his day down by the river and left quickly after the show to get his train back to Bangor. His quiet response was powerful. I think I’m starting to read his silences better. His eyes are his words. It’s so brilliant to see him. As we get older the bond of brotherhood thickens. He is so supportive. I wonder if he talks to himself. People who meet him for the first time love his voice. Maybe its as strong as it is because he uses it so little. He’s an eternal mystery my brother.

Aled handed over Story of a Rabbit to Dafydd. That was great to witness. One brother teaching tunes on the guitar to another. They sung together through the strings. Their hands working in unison to produce such pleasant and beautiful sounds. Dafydd is really enjoying it and Aled said he was very happy to leave the show in such good hands. Dafydd seems to have become very interested in T-shirts. He’s been shopping for them quite a bit. “I’m just making the most of being in London,” he says.

Twm has risen to the challenge of preparing the stage 3 times on Saturdays. His production management skills are extraordinary. He’s the unseen hero. Working underground and behind the scenes. “I quite like the invisible nature of it all,” he says. Grinning of course. Deliberate mischief pouring out of him. He’s got such liveliness to him. No wonder some people call him Live Wire.

Well, I’d better go off and prepare for the shows. Climb back on this beautiful bird of time. Let it fly if it’s this good.

Projects: 360, Floating, Stories from an Invisible Town, Story of a Rabbit, Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes.

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