Sioned, Mari and I (Hugh Hughes)

Me, Hugh Hughes & Sioned Rowlands

Hugh Hughes: Me and Sioned in Edinburgh

I spent a lovely day at the beach down in Portobello with Sioned and Mari while we were playing at the Traverse in Edinburgh. The day was full of the extraordinary activity of a one-year old learning to walk.

The main event however was watching Mari eat seaweed. Not gobbling it down like there’s no tomorrow, but delicately chewing it like it was a fine food at a fancy restaurant.

Suddenly it all made sense. She had a certain comfortability on the beach with the sea and its weed. She was a kind of sea creature. The way she moved was between walking and swimming. Her gurgling sounds were more like water swirling. Her occasional deep breath like a deep sea diver. She was at home with the sound of the waves and the long expanse of sand.

Projects: Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes.

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