The Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes at West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds


If you haven’t signed up to my newsletter, you might not know that my theatre shows are going to be on in Leeds very soon, at West Yorkshire Playhouse.  You can sign up for free by typing your email address into that little box up in the right hand corner of this page. What you will get if you do (do it now, go on) is updates on all of the developments in my Wonderful World and I’ll also share some more of my stories with you.

The title of this post probably makes you think that it’s about The Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes being performed at West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds. And that’s absolutely right! I wanted to tell you about the theatre shows that I’m taking to West Yorkshire Playhouse in May, so that if you’re in Leeds, or know someone who’s in Leeds, you can come along and meet me. If you’ve seen one of my theatre shows before, you’ll know how much I enjoy talking to the audience and getting to know everyone.

Maybe you saw my show called Hugh Hughes in…Floating when it was at West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2007? That was the last time I performed in Leeds, and I’m really looking forward to going back there. But this time, I’m bringing loads more shows! In fact, I’m bringing three theatre shows, a film and an open rehearsal.

My theatre shows are all stories from my life in Wales. One (Floating) has been to Leeds once already and is about the day when the Isle of Anglesey floated away from the mainland. It happened at the exact same time I was about to leave the island, but I don’t think it was my fault. The second (Story of a Rabbit) is about losing my neighbour’s rabbit and losing my father. I didn’t lose them at the shops or anything, I mean that they died. That makes it sound like a sad play, but it really isn’t. I hope that it’s uplifting, really. It’s about dealing with loss and about how my father was the most fantastic acrobat. That bit needs to be seen to be believed, trust me! My third theatre show (360) is all about changing your perspective. My best friend, Gareth, and I climb Snowdon in it. I should warn you, Gareth is a bit of a practical joker…

If you come to see my open rehearsal (called Stories from an Invisible Town), I honestly don’t know exactly what will happen. I’ll open up my rehearsal room to let you all in and we’ll explore some stories from my childhood. Later in the week, you could also come to see my documentary film about my life as an emerging artist from Llangefni on Anglesey, called Hugh Hughes: How I Got Here.

You can get tickets for as many of the shows as you like, in any order that you want, just by going to West Yorkshire Playhouse’s website (here). Don’t worry, you don’t have to watch one to understand the others! There’s a special discount if you do get tickets for more than one show, and if you want you can see all three theatre shows on the Saturday. Believe me, seeing all three shows on the Saturday will be quite an experience!

I think this is probably the important bit:

Floating: 17 May (7:45pm) and 21 May (2:15pm) Tickets here.

Story of a Rabbit: 18 May (7:45pm) and 21 May (5:15pm) Tickets here.

360: 19 May (7:45pm) and 21 May (7:45pm) Tickets here.

Stories from an Invisible Town: 20 May (7:00pm) Tickets here.

How I Got Here: 20 May (8:15pm) and 21 May (1:15pm, 4:15pm and 6:30pm) Free with a ticket to one of the other shows.

Thank you for joining me on the internet for a little bit, do have a look around my website. I hope I’ll see you at one of my theatre shows at West Yorkshire Playhouse!

Best wishes,

Hugh x

Projects: 360, Floating, Stories from an Invisible Town, Story of a Rabbit, Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes.

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