Walking in the Woods

I had a great break between Christmas and New Year. It was very relaxing. I did a lot of walking. Walking along rivers. Walking up hills. Walking through valleys. Walking along beaches. But the walking I enjoyed most was walking in the woods.

I became fascinated about where the snow landed. I was amused by the places it found to lie. I was amazed to see where it gathered. It seemed to find its way and stick to places you could easily never think about. It woke me up to the beauty of the forest. It dressed the trees so well. They looked so smart. It brought out the detail. Each branch, hand-stitched. Each trunk, well-tailored. Fitted. So very well dressed.

I found myself inspecting them. One by one. And then as a group. I was impressed. Each tree was individually stunning. Each cluster magnificent. And the pathway between them sounding a gentle crunch. Politely asking not to be forgotten. Trees with the perfect twist. The perfect turn. Some lost in conversation. Others silent. Some strong. Some fragile. Some demanding a little more attention than others. Together harmoniously. Tied closer by the snow.

This year has started well. I’m spending more time writing Stories From An Invisible Town. I look forward to sharing these stories with you as the year unfolds. All the stories come from my memory of the childhood I spent in Llangefni, on the Isle of Anglesey, throughout the 1970s.

I hope you had a good Holiday Season and are enjoying your brand new year. 2011 is looking very interesting for me. If you want to keep up with all my news, why not join my mailing list? There’s a box for it in the top right corner of this page. First Floating will tour to Vancouver (BC), Victoria (BC) and Toronto (Ontario) in Canada. Then The Wonderful World of Hughes will tour Plymouth, Cambridge and Leeds here in the UK, and there are some other very exciting projects lined up too.

I look forward to meeting you along the way. Either online or out there…

Projects: Floating, Stories from an Invisible Town, Wonderful World of Hugh Hughes.

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